Friends Endorse Expert Report Recommending New Durham Health Corporation To Include Ajax-Pickering Hospital

In a report on future health care needs of the Durham & Scarborough communities, an expert panel recommends the creation of two health corporations, one for Durham and one for Scarborough. The message received is that these are two different communities.

A Friends’ letter to Minister of Health & Long Term Care Hoskins., endorses the recommendations of the expert panel. Support for the creation of a Durham Hospital Corporation to include all the Durham hospitals is voiced. “This is most beneficial and logical” the group writes.”  Letter

“In our opinion, the panel has done an excellent job of zeroing in on the major problems involved and recommending practical, sensible, definite and timely solutions that we believe should be welcomed by all persons seeking to improve hospital care in Scarborough and Durham” the Friends write in a strong endorsement of all the report’s proposals.

If followed, this would see the Ajax Pickering Hospital leaving the RVHS to join in a new all Durham governing structure.

Additional recommendations include:

 -an acute care hospital in both new corporations. This is a recognition that existing structures are lacking.

 - expansion of the scope and number of services within and across the new corporations. A Master Plan would have to include consideration of projects in Lakeridge HC., it is stated.

 - fast action &  capital expenditures as the populations of the two communities grow.

The expert panel report was submitted in October 2015 to the Ministry of Health for study.

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The Friends of Ajax/Pickering Hospital is a group of concerned citizens, doctors, nurses, other health care providers, business officials, and patients who support the continued presence of Ajax/Pickering Hospital as the major hospital to fully service all present and future health needs of rapidly growing West Durham region.


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What Does Scarborough Think?

Scarborough & Durham are “Two communities with very different health care needs”

“A hospital system aligned to its community will lead to a stronger voice and a competitive advantage for Scarborough. Ultimately, and most importantly, it will lead to better integrated care for our patients.”

In other words, a Scarborough hospital corporation and a Durham hospital corporation!

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